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Getting Ready

All you need to do is bring your Lil’ Diva and her guests, and we bring everything to your doorstep.   From cucumbers to music, everything needed to 
transform your home into a lala Lil’ Spa is included in all of our packages.



Your lala Lil’ Spa hostess will walk guests through the techniques for proper skin care.  The Lil’ Divas will cleanse, mask, tone and moisturize their own skin in our four-step facial.



We begin by soaking those Lil’ Diva fingers in scented warm water filled with soothing little gel stress-free balls.  The mini-manicures include the removal of existing polish, hand massage with a silky hand lotion and the application of new nail polish and one nail design per guest.  The full manicure option will include nail polish with choice of designs.



We begin by soaking those Lil’ Diva toes in our scented water.  The pedicure includes a soft scrub and a warm towel wrap and a scrumptious silky lotion is applied to make their feet glow and to get them ready for their nail polish.



The hair make over of their choice includes an Up-do with curls, long dangling curls, hair rhinestones, colored hair clips, or up-twist with curls.  There is no washing, cutting, or permanent coloring.  We use colored gold, blue, red, and sparkle hair spray.  The use of a hot curling iron for curling or hair straightening will require written parent permission.


Makeup Makeover

The Makeup Makeover will include eye shadow, glitter eye liner, blush, sparkle/shimmer lip gloss, lipstick and face gems.



While one group of Lil’ Divas are getting their their nails painted, we entertain the other group with organized craft activities to keep the party going.


Build A Bear

Making a stuffed animal gift is a unique and fun experience. You can choose either an 8” or 15” bear. Then, give it a unique personality by naming your bear and decorating the bear’s robe with messages of love.  All you need to do is stuff it with love, give it a name, and take it home with you.


Having Fun

The focus of the event is to have fun.  We include age appropriate music so the Lil’ Divas can express themselves with their new looks.

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