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Personal Spa Services

We provide a wide variety of services to create the perfect Spa party for your Lil’ Diva and her guests!

We start off every Spa party just like mom does; with some aromatherapy. The relaxing scents and spa music will get your party in the mood for some pampering. This includes warm face-towels, scented candles and relaxing spa music to help you and your guests unwind. Your party hostess will walk your guests through each step of their Lil'-facial, Lil'-manicure and Lil'-pedicures.

We offer five special Spa packages to choose from and they each include:

  • Party Coordinator

  • Spa Robes​

  • White spa towels/washcloths for each guest

  • Headbands

  • Facial & manicure bowls

  • Foot Tubs

  • All facial, manicure, and pedicure products

  • All hair and make-up products

  • Aromatic candles

  • Photos of your party. Your party hostess will be taking pictures throughout the party.​

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